Terms of service



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Service Type



Includes weekly emptying of skimmer baskets/sweep bags and chemical testing and adjusting of chlorine, pH and alkalinity. Also includes semi-annual testing of calcium.


___Chem +

Includes all mentioned above with the addition of removal of debris from the top of the pool as well as brushing steps and swim outs.


___Full Clean

Includes all mentioned in Chem and Chem+ as well as removal of all debris from the bottom of the pool with a pool vacuum. Pool will be spotless and debris free.


___ For (Optional) additional service including___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


It is agreed that the customer will pay $_____monthly. This monthly charge includes the necessary addition of Algaecide, Clarifier and Water Conditioner needed in a year. The amount of ____ is due at signing to begin service.

Dan Bergendahl Pool Tech charges $30 twice a year for filter cleaning. D.E. filters will be cleaned 2 to 3 times per year based on need. Each instance will result in an additional charge of $30. Sub 200 sq. ft. filters will be discussed on a case by case basis and may not be covered in regular service plans.

Client is responsible for maintaining pool water level. We will never add or remove water from the pool.

Plaster stains/discoloration/calcium formations on tile and all finishes are completely out of our control. Client will not hold Dan Bergendahl Pool Tech responsible for any such issues that may occur.

Pool equipment can be worn and damaged even with normal pool water chemistry that meets NSF standards. Dan Bergendahl Pool Tech will not be held responsible for any damage done to any pool equipment

It is important that your equipment is kept in working order and breakdowns must be handled promptly. Dan Bergendahl Pool Tech will automatically replace any part under $50 and place the amount on your next invoice.

If access to the pool is not available on your service day, the service will not be made up that week. Chemicals may be left if needed.

Dan Bergendahl Pool Service is closed 3 weeks per year for vacation. The pool will not be serviced during these weeks. Since we base our pricing on a 4 week per month structure, billing will not change during months vacations occur. (Rainy days are considered minimum maintenance days. Service will be provided but pool will not be skimmed, brushed or vacuumed.)

Pool must be uncovered prior to service or service will be limited to chemicals and baskets.

Salt system pools will be maintenance on a request basis. If more than three bags of salt are needed in any calendar year the charge will be $12 per bag.  

Any equipment serviced, including salt cell acid washing, will be charged $95 per hour.


You may contact Dan Bergendahl Pool Tech to change, expand, adjust, or cancel your service at:

Mail:       P.O. Box 3095

Granite Bay CA, 95746

Phone: (916) 821-1523

Email:    danbergendahl@gmail.com

Thank you for choosing Dan Bergendahl Pool Tech!

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