Q. Does dan bergendahl service my area?

A. Dan bergendahl Pool Tech services Granite Bay, Folsom, Roseville, as well as parts of Sacramento, Loomis and Auburn.


Q. Does dan bergendahl pool tech offer any discounts or special offers?

A. We have a deal running right now through Yelp.com that allows you to get $255 worth of service for $170 by pre-paying the $170.


Q. How does dan bergendahl pool tech's billing work?

A. In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, Dan Bergendahl Pool Tech sends all invoices by email. This also makes charges easier to keep track of and immediately accessible. However, if you do not use email or strongly prefer paper invoices we can also send invoices through the mail. You will recieve your invoice at the end of each month to pre-pay for the coming month.


Q. What forms of payments are accepted?

A. We accept checks and all major credit cards. 


Q. Is autopay an option?

A. Yes! Autopay is a wonderful way to cut down on hassle and paperwork. Just leave a credit card on file with us, and we will charge it at the end or very beginning of the month.


Q. How can i be sure my tech is coming every week?

A. Dan Bergendahl Pool Tech takes quality seriously. We only hire techs that we ourselves would trust. For extra peace of mind, our techs take a time-stamped photograph of your pool after each visit. If you would like, we will send the picture to your phone or email so that you can always be sure our tech was there and did a excellent job. (Naturally, these pictures will never include anything but your pool, and will never be seen outside Dan Bergendahl Pool Tech.)